A Vision For Durham's Future

Jovonia Lewis
Durham County Commissioner

Meet Jovonia Lewis

Jovonia Lewis is a mother, wife, elected school board member, nonprofit director, and nationally certified and licensed clinical mental health counselor. She brings a unique set of skills to the table. She has worked in the Solicitor General’s Office with victims of domestic violence, and has worked in nonprofit settings offering intensive family interventions and in several residential group homes with juveniles. Her extensive work in this field includes providing mental health counseling, as well as education and life skills for youth. Finally, for the past 20 years, she has been an entrepreneur and small business owner, starting with her private counseling practice and evolving to include franchise ownership of Smoothie King; most recently, she has leant her advocacy and entrepreneurship, as well as her education and equity expertise, to become founding director of the non-profit Empowered Parents in Community (EPIC). These unique experiences will serve as an asset to the board of county commissioners, considering the county’s expansive work with mental health in numerous arenas from educational facilities, to the Department of Health, to detention centers and jails, not to mention arenas like education, supporting local businesses and workers, and understanding the complicated intersection of the many roles of a County Commissioner. Jovonia Lewis is ready to hit the ground running!

Working For Durham

Over the past decade, I have volunteered, served, connected, and sacrificed for human rights and the good of our community. I am never satisfied with the status quo. Based on my experience as an elected school board member, I realize that systems impacting children have to be addressed simultaneously. In addition to improving the lives of our youngest community members, I believe in the efficacy of a multi-generational approach, to include the wellbeing and success of our most experienced leaders, our seniors. I am running to serve on the Durham County Commissions because of my deep sense of commitment to the Durham community. As a county commissioner, I will prioritize city-county development, public safety and wellness, and public health. As a caring leader, I will collaborate with compassion to meet the needs of people living in Durham today, as well as the people who will call Durham home in years to come.

  • sustainable growth from affordable housing to workforce development
  • public safety from reducing gun violence and increasing community care and wellness
  • public health and wellness from community of care and destigmatizing mental health