Voices of Support

“When I first learned that Jovonia decided to not run for re-election as a school board member, I was sad. She is a fierce advocate for students, families and educators on the school board. She prioritized meeting the needs of children, particularly Black and Brown, in a way that set her leadership apart from others. I didn’t want our community to lose her advocacy. But then Jovonia shared her plans to run for County Commissioner, and I realized that her time on the school board was preparing her to potentially have a greater impact in our Durham community. I strongly support her candidacy because she has consistently demonstrated working on behalf of Durham residents and not just talking about it. Jovonia knows how to get things done, and she will be a welcomed addition to our county government.”
“So excited about Jovonia running for the county commisioner seat. She’s been a tireless, dedicated and justice focus leader in our community for over 10 years. Excited to see how her leadership will continue to guide Durham!!!”
“It’s our responsibility as a culture of business women, entrepreneurs and Black leaders to stick together and build! With challenges in economic cycles, family planning and community development we need someone we can trust to understand, acknowledge and respect our communities. Jovonia embodies the valuable qualities needed to build relationships in Durham! Her presence of collaboration and resourcefulness is what we need to keep its core values intact and make it better as a whole! I’m here for it All!”
“As a professor at North Carolina Central University, I am excited about Jovonia’s candidacy for County Commissioner as she is acutely aware of the role that HBCUs play as a training ground for students who can enter the workforce in the Triangle area. As an entrepreneur, she has the experience and is aware of the importance of supporting small businesses and will be an excellent advocate especially for minority owned businesses.”
Jovonia Lewis is a passionate advocate for justice who leads with heart and a sophisticated understanding of our pressing issues in Durham. Her collaborative spirit and dedication to community-based solutions are exactly what we need in our leaders. I love the joy she brings to her work, and I enthusiastically support her for County Commissioner.
“I’m supporting Jovonia for Durham County Commissioner because I know she is one of the top qualified and most well-rounded candidates for the board. I believe in her vision for our county and know she has the heart to fight for families who aren’t always respected or seen. Her voice is necessary in the space of those who govern. Personally, I witness the passion she has for giving people the tools they need to do their best and for being a collaborator in making sure it happens. I invite you to join me in supporting Jovonia’s campaign to be one of our next county commissioners by donating your time, talent, or treasure.”
“I am supporting Jovonia Lewis for Durham County Commissioner because she is willing, capable, and ready to do the work to govern our fine city along with her colleagues on day one. She is wholeheartedly committed to her community and this city that she loves. Jovonia embodies the words “public servant” because she leads by example and with integrity.I am confident that she is the right person to serve on the Durham County Board of Commissioners.”